U-Pick Goji Berries

Founded on Friendship,
Gojoy Berries and
Taves Family Farms Unite

The History of Gojoy
When Gojoy founder, Peter Breederland, discovered goji berries and its ‘superfood’ status, he was awakened with purpose. Native to Asia, gojis were receiving attention as studies were proving that these little red nutrient-dense berries were not only delicious to eat but incredibly good for us! Peter began to see the bigger picture and was driven to bring gojis to Canada. While, it has been said that big ideas are often met with doubt, it has also been said that “Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion”. And, while some believed that gojis could not be grown in Canadian climate, Peter was committed to the journey. He grew beautiful gojis and was the first goji farm to go to market. With his wife, Danise, they welcomed several people at their U-Pick location, participated in health & wellness events, hosted media and influencers, made guest appearances on TV stations, and retailed fresh gojis, frozen gojis, and a farm-fresh smoothie booster (purée containing gojis and local strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, and raspberries) at locations across the Lower Mainland.

The History of Taves Family Farms
A third-generation farmer, Loren Taves started farming in the late 1980s. His Great Grandfather purchased his first plot of land in the 1930s in the southern lands of the Fraser Valley, and his father established Taves Family Farms in 1969, growing raspberries and raising poultry. When Loren and his brother, Gary, graduated from high-school they, too, recognized niche crops and decided to grow gooseberries! Loren focused on gooseberries, apples that were unique to coastal climates—such as the signature Jonagold Apple—and red, white, black, and pink currants. Today, Taves Family Farms exists of 46 acres of lands and rents 17 more acres consisting of orchards, berries, pumpkins, sweet corn, and greenhouses. In 1990, Loren and Gary created the Applebarn, and in 1992 Loren’s wife ,Corinne, joined them as soon as they married. For almost 30 years, the Applebarn has been welcoming families to experience traditional full activities.

Gojoy and Taves Unite

As of April 2019, Peter decided to focus on travelling and spending more time with family, leading to the sale of his farm. Having known Loren over the years and respecting his farming abilities, food philosophy, and entrepreneurial spirit, Peter asked Loren if he would ‘take the baton’ and continue growing Gojoy’s gojis. And, so it happened! Peter’s knowledge of growing gojis and signature plants are part of Taves Family Farms’ offering. U-Pick will begin in June 2019 and Gojoy’s smoothie booster, frozen gojis, and goji plants are available for sale at the Taves Country Store!

U-PICK STARTING DATE: To be announced! (We are waiting on Mother Nature, but anticipate mid July)

HOURS OF OPERATION: Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

To U-Pick: FREE
Minimum picking requirement is one small clamshell per group, but there is no admission cost.

You may either walk the 5-minute journey to our Goji U-Pick site or take the farm shuttle for $2.00 per person.

Applebarn Attractions:
Purchase a ‘pick and play’ pass to enjoy before or after you U-Pick! If you don’t want to U-Pick, come out to just enjoy the attractions. Price includes the farm shuttle to the Goji U-Pick site and access to the bouncing pillows and petting barns.

Adults $4.50 | Kids $6.50

NOTE: Regular fall hours and admission rates begin on August 16th, 2019.