Frequently Asked Questions


9:30 AM – 5:30 PM DAILY 

Our farm Trick R Treat event takes place on the last weekend before Halloween.  To participate, guests must first purchase a FUN or SUPERFUN pass and then add on a KIDS or DOGS Trick R Treat Bag to collect treats/prizes around the farm.  Children under age 3 who want to participate will need a paid adult guardian with them and also a Trick R Treat Bag ticket.  This year’s event is on October 28th/29th from 9:30 am- 5:30 pm.  Gary Savard, the Magician, will be here 10:30, 12:00 and 1:30 to perform magic shows.

YES, it is always good a good idea to buy tickets online because there are capacity restrictions. Tickets are also discounted online so you will save some money!  On weekends/holidays, gate prices apply unless you purchase 24hrs in advance.

Please visit our Rates section. Please visit our attractions page for parking fee details.

There are two activity admission passes: Fun Pass and Super Fun Pass. IPlease check our ticketing pages to availability on the SUPER FUN PASS as it is not available everyday in September.

Until SEPTEMBER 24th, on weekends/holidays, you may enter the farm to shop or pick apples only without admission tickets.

From SEPTEMBER 30th to OCTOBER 31st, on Weekends/holidays, ALL guests must purchase an admissions pass.

WEEKDAYS in both September and October you may enter the farm to purchase admissions, shop or pick apples/pumpkins.

Lots and lots. Please read about our apple varieties in the U Pick Section.

At 270 Gladwin you can pick and park for free on Thursday to Sunday. You must pay for what you pick and follow the minimum picking rules. (one 7-8 lb/bag per household).

On regular weekdays we have FREE admission and FREE parking to the pumpkin patch and orchard.

On weekends/holidays from September 30th to October 31st parking $6.28 / car for pumpkin picking plus gst.

You will need a PUMPKIN pass to enter the farm on ALL weekends and holidays  to pick pumpkins and apples. It is $7 plus taxes etc. to enter the farm.  This gives you access to both the pumpkin patch, apple orchard AND the Mystery Maze.

Those wanting to do the rest of the attractions need a FUN or SUPER FUN pass.  Click here for more info: Tickets

The U-Pick Orchard is in two locations: 333 Gladwin Road for September and then 270 Gladwin Road in October.

Apple picking is now open for the season, but not all varieties are available yet.  See our u-pick chart.

Admission to the farm is FREE weekdays for apple/pumpkin picking.  On weekends/holidays or Pro-D days from September 30th to October 31st ALL guests entering the farm at 333 Gladwin Road must purchase a Pumpkin Pass ($6 online / $8 gate plus tx & fees), a Fun or SuperFun Admission Pass.  Tickets must be purchased online or at the gate.

Click here for rates and admissions.

There is NO cost to enter 270 Gladwin Road to pick the apples, but we only have Jonagold there.  The U-pick 270 orchard is not open until late September into October. You just pay for a minimum of 7-8 lbs per household of up to 4 people.  Jonagold orchard is only open on Thursday- Sunday.

Apples are sold by the BAG only and you must purchase one of our u-pick bags or bring one of our bags back for picking.  Check out our U-pick options page. We have two sizes this year:

8 lb for $17.50 (inc. $1.25 bag)

26 lb bag for $52.50 (inc. $2.50 for bag)

Yes, you can bring your pets to certain parts of the farm only! Pets are allowed in the sunflower patch, pumpkin patch, corn maze, and on the hay ride. You can also bring pets to the picnic area at are always allowed on the farm.  Dogs must be kept on leash at all times and must be cleaned up after.  NO dogs in orchards or store.

Yes, we have two on weekdays and three on the weekends.  All the mazes are suitable for families with younger children. The biggest maze, the Mystery Maze, takes about 30-45 minutes and is part of our Fun and Super Fun Pass.  The other smaller mazes are a part of the both passes as well.  The finger find maze is located behind our sunflower/pumpkin path and takes about 20 – 30 minutes to complete.  Our Pumpkin Life Cycle maze is located near Farmville and is available almost everyday in September (except weekdays when we have tours).  In October, the life cycle pumpkin maze is only open on weekends.  It takes 10 – 20 minutes to complete.

Yes, you may walk to it any day of the week.  On weekends in October, ALL guests need Pumpkin Pass ($6 online/ $8 at gate), a Fun or SuperFun Pass (includes a hayride) to enter the farm and access the pumpkin patch.

NOTE: tickets are only released 1-2 weeks ahead of time, so October tickets for the pumpkin patch on weekends will not be available until later in September.

On WEEKDAYS, you may enter the pumpkin patch for FREE and just purchase your pumpkins.  On WEEKENDS / HOLIDAYS you will need to purchase a PUMPKIN pass, a FUNpass or a SUPERFUN pass. BUY PASSES

NOTE: tickets are only released 1-2 weeks ahead of time, so October tickets for the pumpkin patch on weekends will not be available until later in September.

Now called the Magical Pumpkin Garden in October.

It is a beautiful pumpkin display garden with our pumpkin house and a river of blue pumpkins.  To enter you must have a FUN pass or a SUPERFUN pass on both weekdays and weekends. It is NOT included with the PUMPKIN PASS and it is NOT free to the general pubic.

NOTE: tickets are only released 1-2 weeks ahead of time, so October tickets for the pumpkin patch on weekends will not be available until later in September.


No, pumpkins are not included with any admission passes or tickets. Prices vary per size and range from $1 to $35 for the big specialty ones!  However, with the GROUP of FOUR pass in OCTOBER  ONLY you will receive a $6 voucher for your group to use towards your pumpkin purchases.

Yes, we have a small parking lot near Taves Estate Cidery and then a large field right next door for busy days. FREE entrance and parking on weekdays (not including Oct.22)

Completely complimentary on weekdays for all guests. In September until September 24th, guests pay $3.17 on weekends to park at the farm when they are buying admission passes. A $6.88 parking fee (plus taxes and ticking fees) will apply on weekends/holidays and pro-d days from September 30th to October 31st for ALL guests entering the farm buying the Pumpkin Pass, Fun Pass or Super Fun Pass. There is only FREE parking for guests of Taves Estate Cider. Prices do NOT include gst.

Due to the seasonal nature of our business, refunds are NOT available and any changes to your ticket date may involve extra charges/costs.  We always recommend you give your tickets to a friend or family member if you are unable to attend for any reason.

YES, you can create an account with Ticketspice (our online sales provider) and make changes yourself for a fee.

Manage My Account

Unfortunately, we have very limited ability to answer calls due to the high call volume. Please use this FAQ page to find the answer to most questions. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or try texting 778-240-8887.

We are currently taking bookings for October from 5th to 29th. Click here to book a tour!

We sure do. Our new permanent bathrooms have full plumbing and are deeply sanitized throughout each day.

We are located at 333 Gladwin Road in Abbotsford, BC. For specific directions, please go to the Contact Us section.

Please see this page.

Note: Starting September 1st, we are open 7 days a week from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM. We are open ALL Statutory Holidays and Pro-D Days including all of Thanksgiving Weekend. On October 31st we close at 5pm and will not reopen until Easter for our kids event.

Weekdays you are welcome to bring your own food, but on the weekends due to limited capacities we ask that only those purchasing OUR food from our concession stands use the picnic area. Please do NOT bring BBQ’s or use our tables for long periods of time when it is busy as we have limited seating reserved for patrons of our food truck and concession stand.

No party area currently available.  For questions please see more information on this page:

Group/Family Bookings 

You are welcome to self-host your own party here, but we do not have any party packs or party areas currently.

Concession is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30am – 5:00pm, offering hotdogs, chips, pulled pork bubble waffles, ice cream and cider slushies.  Weekday concession is NOT available at this time.

Sorry, smoking and vaping isn’t allowed anywhere on the grounds

At our ticket gates we only accept CASH or CREDIT – no debit. You may use your debit card at the store, U-Pick and concession stand.

Be prepared to get dirty and have fun. We recommend boots and layers of clothing.

Since it changes so often, please visit our U-Pick section for updated information on varieties and pricing.

For Country Store Items, a receipt must be provided and a full refund MAY be issued depending on circumstance and the items purchased.

No, unfortunately we no longer offer pony rides.

Although we are not certified organic, we have chosen a sustainable method of agriculture called the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which uses the least harmful methods available to control continual attacks on our crops. At Taves Family Farms, we adhere to British Columbia and Canada’s requirements when applying agricultural chemicals and take great precautions to protect the land, our customers, staff and family. Watch this Video.

Yes, they are all non-gmo, which means that our fruits and vegetables are grown from non-genetically modified seeds.

The glass bottles are pasteurized, but the plastic containers are flash pasteurized.  It is quick high heat process that preserves the taste of the cider while eliminating any harmful bacteria from the cider.

The .909 L and 1.89 L sizes are available at our Country Store, and at select retail locations across the Lower Mainland. See our Cider Page for details and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates!

Yes, we do! We will be offering bunny petting this year depending on how things go and how the bunnies do with this activity.  At times bunnies may need a rest and the activity will be unavailable.

Yes, we do! You are welcome to bring your own a well as they go quickly!

Currently,  they are running on weekends only, it’s full-time from 10 am to 5:00 pm for the last ride. Hayrides are only a part of the SUPER FUN pass and can not be purchased separately.  A hayride consists of a tractor pulling. wagon with hay bales on it.  You sit on the bales

Please complete the form on our Donations page.

To find out wholesale prices, contact us at [email protected]