U-Pick Albion Strawberries

Coming in August!

We couldn’t wait until summer to start the U-pick season, so we’ve introduced a new crop to share with you all – the Albion strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa “Albion”)! This is a relatively new hybrid plant, developed in California, and known for their, bright red color, reliable firmness, and surprisingly sweet taste. These strawberries are also ever-bearing, which means they will flower from late spring, all the way through until fall, producing fruit for a deliciously long season.

We invite you to come to the farm and pick your own field-fresh strawberries!

Strawberry Product Pricing

Fresh U-Pick Strawberries:
Coming soon

Pre-Picked Strawberries by the Clamshell:
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U-Pick Information

U-Pick Strawberries Location:
Our U-Pick location for strawberries is 333 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford.

U-Pick Hours Of Operation:
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Admission Prices:
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