Julie Braun

The day finally arrived! We had waited so long and we now stepped out onto Applebarn territory for the very first time! Oh how we had looked forward to this day!! We trooped through the gate wide-eyed with clumsy gumboots on our feet and a plastic bag in one hand. We really had no idea what to expect apart from the fact that the perfect pumpkin was hidden somewhere on this property!! The parents quickly acknowledged the fact that the weather was certainly going to be in our favour, a little foggy, but nonetheless.not rainy. Preschoolers would not care either way, knowing that rain brings puddles and puddles are so much fun for jumping in! They just add to an adventure! After a fun bumpy ride on the hay cart, the pumpkin patch came into clear view! We disembarked with a single minded focus.find the perfect pumpkin. Some of us were quick to find the one, bagged it and headed back to the cart. For others it was a journey of comparisons and the muddiness for the pumpkins came into play when making our difficult decision! For some of us the petting zoo was a completely new experience and we were a little wary, so we chose to look at the goats on the other side of the fence and others were quick to get to know their new furry-bearded friends. The beehive in the store was awesome and finding the queen bee was like looking at a Where’s Waldo book, but we found her right in the middle. We were very thankful that the beehive was under glass. After that we were ready for a refreshing drink of fresh apple cider made right at the Applebarn! Yum! At the end of our field trip we all had a blast on the big bouncy pillow! What fun jumping with all our friends at the same time! Before we knew it we were trudging back to our cars, a little tired, but certainly fulfilled, with satisfied smiles on our faces, thankful for our fun time together at the Applebarn!
– Julie Braun (Abbotsford Christian Preschool)