Taves Family Farms Covid-19 Protocol

In keeping with government rules regarding Covid-19 restrictions, specifically social distancing, occupancy and sanitization protocol, Taves Family Farms has modified our offerings and implemented a number of new policies and procedures to keep both our guests and staff safe during this pandemic.

The farm area available to guests encompasses approximately 12 acres of land and while there is ample room for guests to freely roam and avoid close contact with others, we have greatly reduced farm capacity, particularly, in areas where we experience traffic congestion.

Guests coming to enjoy the Applebarn attractions:
-hay ride to the pumpkin patch
-pumpkin patch and house access after the hay ride drop-off
-corn mazes
-petting barn & Farmville
-peddle karts
-jumping pillows
(are no longer included in the attractions pass and must now be booked privately through the links seen in the Fall Attractions list )


Country Store Shoppers and Pumpkin Patch Guests:
Please note FREE ENTRANCE is limited to 9:00 am to 10:00 am.  After 10:00 am, in order to reduce overall farm capacity, a $3 entrance fee applies.  This charge provides walking access to the new pumpkin house and path, the pumpkin patch, and the country store. Guests are able to park in our free quick-stay spots in our yard or just outside the farm for a maximum of 1.5 hours. Handicapped parking spots are also available.

We recommend arriving early. Customers coming to enjoy the paid attractions must park in Parking Lot A (lower lot). Limited drop-in space will be allotted where customers can purchase admission tickets through an on-site designated booth. Those who purchase a family pass of 4 or more adults, arriving in one, car will receive one free parking pass .

VISIT THIS PAGE to book your attractions and parking passes.

Taves Estate Cidery Guests:
Parking is free in our upper parking lot and we have several spaces reserved for those who have pre-booked tastings.  You may also park on the road. If you want to visit the rest of the farm, there is a $3 admission fee.


Guests coming to enjoy the Applebarn attractions:
-hay ride to pumpkin patch
-pumpkin path access after hay ride drop-off
-corn maze
-petting barn & Farmville
-peddle karts
-jumping pillows
(are no longer included in the attractions pass and must now be booked privately through the links seen in the Fall Attractions list )

Country Store Shoppers and Pumpkin Patch Guests:
Park wherever you like. We have two parking lots and some extra spots outside of the farm on Gladwin Rd. It is FREE to enter the farm, store, and pumpkin patch all day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; however, guests wanting to go to the pumpkin path will be charged $3 admission.

Taves Estate Cidery:
No parking or admission fees apply to come to the cidery.

School Groups and Tours:
All school groups and tours cannot be accommodated this season.

All staff must complete a questionnaire before each shift, ensuring they are free from Covid-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with someone who has the corona virus. Staff will wear masks or face shields in all situations where social distancing can not be maintained. Staff are also required to wash their hands, for a minimum of 20 seconds, and to sanitize their areas frequently. Staff working at the tills and ticket booths will serve guests from behind a plexiglass shield and wear a shield, as needed, when social distancing can not be maintained.

Guests coming to the farm to enjoy the attractions must complete a Covid-19 waiver, via QR code, to be accessed on their phones. All customers must wear a mask at ALL TIMES and adhere to social distancing protocol. Line-ups have social distancing markers and ticket booths have plexi-glass barriers.

Social distancing:
Signs have been strategically placed throughout the farm encouraging all guests to maintain social distancing. Line-ups for entrance to the farm, the Country Store, the petting barn, and other activities will encourage guests to maintain a distance of 2 meters. which will also be reinforced by floor markers.

Masks must be worn at all times in every area of the farm except the jumping pillows as these can only be rented privately and enjoyed with your own covid bubble. You may bring your own mask or purchase one for $1.00 at our ticket booth or country store.

Special areas:
Hay ride:
On the hay ride, social distancing is in place and a mask must be worn by all guests ages 4 and up. Line-ups will be in place with social distancing markers.

Petting Barn:
In the petting barn and goat pen everyone must maintain social distancing with the given floor markers. At this time, the bunny petting pens will not be available, however goat petting pens will still be accessible. A mask must be worn both inside and outside the barn as it is difficult to socially distance in some areas.

Country Store:
The Country Store will have exclusive shopping hours daily from 9am – 10am before the farm attractions are available to the public. In addition, the store will remain open from 10am – 6pm daily. Only a limited number of guests will be allowed in the store and there will be directional arrows and social distancing markers in place. We ask that one family member per household enter the store whenever possible. Wagons are not permitted in the store. Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering the building and must wear a mask. Till counters and point of sale pin pads will be sanitized frequently.

Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering the U-Pick area and must wear masks. All guests will be required to use our bags for picking apples and must not snack on apples in the orchard in order to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Those displaying Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed in the orchard. Guests are encouraged to wash all fruit before consuming it. Guests will be asked to maintain social distancing as much as possible in the orchard, however given the outdoor nature of the rows, and the distance between the “isles”, no directional arrows will be used. Please respect social distancing rules.

Picnic area:
The tables in the picnic areas will be spaced for social distancing and will be wiped down by staff, frequently. Guests are encouraged to clean up. A sanitization spray will be available to guests if they wish to self-clean their areas as well.

Food Service:
Staff in food service areas are required to frequently wash their hands and wear face shields while preparing foods and serving guests. Communal space is sanitized regularly.

The number of stalls available for use will be reduced in keeping with Covid-19 rules and social distancing. The bathroom area will be cleaned and sanitized regularly as needed.

Corn Maze:
Guests in the corn maze will be encouraged to maintain social distancing and no more than 50 guests are allowed in at any given time. Ticketed times must be purchased to effectively disperse groups in the maze with entrance and exit scheduled at staggered times. Masks must be worn.

Pumpkin Path:
This area will remain locked by staff, allowing guests in and out every few minutes to allow for social distancing. Masks must be worn.

Jumping Pillow (for private rental)
Please see our Attractions page.

Pedal Carts:
Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering the peddle carts area and after riding peddle carts. While riding, guests will be asked to maintain social distancing. Carts will be disinfected by staff on a regular basis and sanitization spray will be available to guests to use as needed.

Slides and Tractor Trail:
Guests must socially distance and allow for one-way traffic flow. Trikes will be sanitized on a regular basis and guests are asked to sanitize before and entering this area.

Pony Rides:
Pony rides will be available on weekends and holidays as posted on our website. Staff will wear shields or masks and enforce social distancing in line ups. Pony saddles and helmets will be sanitized before and after guest usage. Guests will be required to sanitize their hands before riding ponies and to complete a Covid-19 waiver.

Social Distancing Marker Locations and Handwashing Stations