U-Pick Apples

Taves Farms U-Pick apples
Taves Farms U-Pick apples
Taves Farms U-Pick apples
Taves Farms U-Pick apples
Taves Farms U-Pick apples



✓ Available   X Unavailable

Our Apples*  In Store
Alkmene X X
Ambrosia X X
Fuji X X
Gala X X
Honeycrisp X X
Jonagold X X
Gravenstein X X
Spartan X X
Elstar X X
Sunrise X X
Italian Plums X X
Japanese Blood Plums X X
Crab Apples X X
 Sweet Corn1 X

Please note:

  • U-pick is closed
  • Weather can play a part in delaying or speeding up harvest times, so please check our webpage, often, or email/call ahead for accurate locations.
  • Please don’t bring your own U-Pick containers as we provide bags.
  • Tour buses and larger groups are always welcome. Although unnecessary, we would love a heads up so that we can be ready to help you in any way that you might need. Note: there is a minimum $6 charge per person with tour groups.
  • Pre-picked fruit is available at the Country Store, but prices are not the same as U-Pick. U-Pick is $1.25/lb. Bagged fruit pricing varies.
  • Please call the Country Store for updates at 604.853.3108. If you are calling from a landline, outside of the Fraser Valley, please call 1.604.853.3108.
  • LIMIT: 100 lbs/person


September & October 

5 lbs  $7.00/bag 25 lbs  $25.00/bag
10 lbs  $12.00/bag 50 lbs  $40/two 25 lb bags
(October Special Only!)

U-Pick Locations:
 333 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford

*Jonagold Apple U-Pick is located at 270 Gladwin Rd.
Other apples to be picked at 333 Gladwin Rd.

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Learn How To Pick An Apple


* Our Country Store will carry varieties before they are available for U-Pick.*